Mixed-year mastery courses

NW Maths Hub 3 would like to invite all schools from across the NW region to the following:

Mixed age group Mastery Training

Outcome of the training:

Know how to teach every maths concept on your part of the curriculum effectively for mastery to your mixed-year class.


Teachers of mixed year classes struggle to implement the same approaches to teaching mathematics for mastery that work in single year classes, however some teachers of mixed-year classes achieve stunning outcomes with their children including teaching all their part of the maths curriculum effectively, for mastery, to all their children. This training shares what they know and do.

During this hands-on workshop you will be shown how to teach each maths concept on your part of the curriculum for mastery, with a simple concrete, visual, abstract (CVA) approach. You will also be taught how expert teachers use advanced questioning techniques.  The training builds from what you already know (no good practice is replaced), ensuring any gaps in your pedagogical knowledge are identified and filled, and that you are better able to explain and defend good practice you already use. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that you understand the key insights some children fail to acquire and that you know how to teach in ways that ensure all children overcome their barriers to learning.  All other aspects of teaching for mastery are also explored and teachers are encouraged to raise questions about their particular context so that all their concerns can be properly addressed.

What the session will look like:

  • What does mathematics mastery look like in mixed year classes?
  • Why is a CVA approach more efficient and powerful than a textbook-led approach?
  • Which apparatus do I need and what should I do with it?
  • What else is involved in teaching maths for mastery?
  • What about my children who are miles behind?
  • How do I deal with the particular issues I’m facing in my classroom?

Training details:

Y5-6 training: Wednesday 16th Jan 2019- 9-3.30pm at 4 Piele Rd, Saint Helens WA11 0GR

Y3-4 training: Wednesday 23rd Jan 2019- 9-3.30pm at 4 Piele Rd, Saint Helens WA11 0GR

Y1-2 training: Monday 21st  Jan 2019- 9-3.30pm at 4 Piele Rd, Saint Helens WA11 0GR

If you wish to book on any of the following sessions please email or call:

Sarah Makin (Senior Administrator): sarah.makin@three-saints.org.uk

Paula Foster (Administrator): paula.foster@three-saints.org.uk

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