Authentic Maths News May 2018

Authentic Maths primary maths training has thrived.  The first thing I must do here is to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to every headteacher who has invested their money and time in this training and every teacher and teaching assistant who has contributed to it.  I don’t know how to put into words my gratitude to you all.  Together we have captured essence of what brilliant Cumbrian maths teachers do and how they do it and we’ve been able to share this understanding so that all teachers can teach all their students the current primary curriculum ‘for mastery’ in a way that starts from the good practice they already have.

Crucial aspects of the training we have developed are unique, in particular the idea of ‘fundamental representations’ which underpins the efficacy of the training.  Earlier this year I reached the conclusion that it is time to share our work with the wider world of maths education.  Seven years on from when I dropped my plans to write a PhD in order to ‘do politics with that part of my life’ I decided it was time to pick up those plans again.

So far I’ve met with nine potential PhD supervisors.  They’ve been absolutely amazing and have given me their time and attention and wise advice for free.  The conclusion of these meetings has been that I should write a PhD but it should be about analysing and understanding how teacher professional development is co-created with teachers and is designed to start from teacher’s current knowledge rather than to teaching them a new system.  This is incredibly exciting for me because my wonderful mentors have correctly identified the essence of what motivates me and this PhD domain will bring together my experiences from education, politics, healthcare and as an FRSA working on 21st Century Enlightment.  But it does not solve the problem of how to share the practical content of our Authentic Maths training.

At present I think the most likely way forward is that I will write up Authentic Maths year specific training as short books (‘How to Teach Year 1 Maths for Mastery’, ‘How to teach Year 2 Maths for Mastery) etc in 2018/19 and look to start my PhD in the second half of 2019.

But I’ve learned to expect the unexpected in life!

In the meantime I’m continuing to run training and I’m working with hubs to prepare to run day courses from 2018/19.  I’ve little time or need to do marketing so if you’d like training please do contact me and I will do my best to fit you in.

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