Reception Maths Training Complete

The core series which explains the essence of the maths children need to learn in reception class is now complete and available to view on YouTube here.

This series makes no judgement on how teachers should teach (whether they should facilitate independent learning through continuous provision, whether learning should be teacher directed, whether it should be indoors or outdoors and so on). Instead it recognises that in order to make the best decisions for their children, there are basic things teachers need to know about the mathematics learning journey children need to take. If teachers don’t know these things, they will rightly feel the need to rely on detailed plans which have been written for them and will therefore have much less choice in what they do.

These core videos (total series run time is less than 2 hours) distil out the underlying knowledge our most expert teachers have and present it to teachers in very short episodes. Some of the insights provided are mainstream, others are unique to this series. The whole series deeply understands that the learning journey children need to take is age-dependent (i.e. you have to take into account that these children are 4 years old – you can’t just assume that what works for 7-year olds will still work). This series is very thoroughly grounded in the experiences of expert teachers who are meeting the challenges of our current curriculum and it is also pays very thorough respect to the established research into the teaching of early years maths.

No expensive resources are needed for teachers to teach reception class maths brilliantly, however some recommendations for particular pieces of apparatus are made (with a typical one-off cost of around £30 or less). All recommendations are entirely genuine, and no payment has been taken for any recommendations made in this series.

Teachers who have taken the face-to-face version of this training have often chosen to move on to more sophisticated and sometimes unique pedagogical approaches. Training on pedagogy is not provided by Authentic Maths, but as part of the next phase of this video series I am inviting teachers and teacher trainers with expertise in different pedagogical approaches to contact me if they would be interested in showcasing what they do. They are warmly invited to describe aspects of reception class maths teaching they are passionate about, promote any training services they offer and comment on the core course (especially if they would like to challenge elements of it or suggest improvements to it – I love challenge!). I can incorporate pieces of video shot with iPhones. Consent forms for participants must be provided. Interviews will generally take place in Cumbria or the North West.

While the core series is meant to be universal (all teachers need to know this), these pedagogical episodes are intended for teachers to pick and choose from as they puzzle out the best way forward for their school.

I am now also moving on to filming the core series for the teaching of year 1 maths and aim to continue to release these videos every Thursday at 3pm.

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  1. I am a PD lead for the NCETM for Early Years Maths. I am overly excited how in the last 3 years my teaching of Maths has totally transformed for the better. Happy to help

    1. How exciting! Can you email me – I’m really flexible about what’s possible…. happy to interview people if they can get to the north west and we can edit in pictures, other video, short bits of text and so on to help you tell your story…. it might be a good idea for you to try to write your story down in the first instance to help you start to clarify what it is you’d like to share. As an interviewer I can help with that process…..

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