7-11 Series 3 Complete (Number 9-11)

I’m delighted to say that the series on number age 9-11 (years 5&6) is now complete. This puts me on track to complete all the 7-11 videos by the end of this year. I’ll be starting the final series – applied maths (shape, position, measure and data) next week.

Links to all the videos published so far are available here, together with information about the rest of the videos planned for 2020.

Due to the continuation of lockdown, the fabulous Jeff Kutcher is continuing to turn my visual worksheet designs into free-to-download videos. Information about which worksheets are available and where to find them is provided here.

I continue to livestream every Sunday at 9am BST. These livestreams can be found here. They provide plenty more information about what I’m up to each week.

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