Series 2 for parents

My second series on primary maths for parents will launch next Monday 27 April 2020. This series of 20 short videos will explain the core number topics children usually study between the ages of 7 and 9 to parents and will help them know how to communicate with their child no matter what maths strategy their child wants to use and will help them overcome any barriers to learning they are struggling with.

All being well I will publish a video each day (Mon-Fri) so this course will be complete in 4 weeks. I’ll then create series 3 (number age 9-11) and series 4 (shape, measure and geometry 7-11). If I get over 1000 subscribers I’ll also livestream – taking parents questions about the issues their children re struggling with in real time.

I’m still keen to provide as much free promotional support as I can to organisations and individuals who provide high quality resources and services in maths education. So if that’s you – please get in touch.

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