RebeccaTheMathsLady launching tomorrow

Authentic Maths has always existed to support all the adults who work with children on their primary maths. 5 months into an 18 month project to share teacher training for the whole primary curriculum, there are suddenly no teachers in a position to deliver the kind of expert teaching recommended in the training.

Meanwhile there are uncountably many parents suddenly struggling to home educate their children, many of whom have serious problems engaging with the work that comes home from school.

Tomorrow I will therefore be relaunching ‘Authentic Maths’ as the parent-friendly ‘RebeccaTheMathLady’ YouTube channel for the duration of the shutdown.

A first series of videos to support the parents of the children who are struggling most is already live. Videos on more mainstream ‘expert 1 to 1 primary maths teaching’ and livestreams (taking parents questions in real time) will follow soon.

4 Replies to “RebeccaTheMathsLady launching tomorrow”

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    I am a resource teacher who loves your approach. I would like to get a number stick and some of the number line worksheets to teach rounding. Where may I access those please?
    Many thanks,
    Miranda Calkins

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I’m looking for the plastic math partitioning tool for five year olds. Can you please advise where I can buy that!
    Many thanks,
    Miranda Calkins

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