2021: Aims

2020 taught me how hard it is to plan a month ahead, let alone a year ahead. However there are clearly sill benefits to me setting myself some aims and objectives so here goes:

  1. Create videos for year 2 (age 6) teaching.
  2. Update and republish (freeshare) my page-per-term outline planning guides (for each year and for mixed 1/2, 3/4, 5/6).
  3. Improve my livestreams (learn how to livestream screenshares, invite guests, add banner).
  4. Continue to publish free worksheets.
  5. Publicise resources.
    – Continue to engage with Facebook Groups.
    – Press releases
    – Paid promotion (if possible)
    – Develop use of Instagram
  6. Update all video descriptions to provide much more information as well as key links.
  7. Target 20+ days working in schools.

2 Replies to “2021: Aims”

  1. I’ve just “discovered” you and wanted to say thank you!

    I am a secondary trained maths teacher but was working at a maritime college for nearly 13 years until I took redundancy last May. I’m now a private maths tutor and also started teaching 2 sessions a week at a homeschooling centre, one KS3 and one foundation GCSE. I am finding that there are gaps in the knowledge of students in both groups and your YouTube videos are proving invaluable in helping me devise ways to explain concepts and strategies.

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