April Update

storm clouds at st bees
Storm Clouds passing St. Bees (photo unaccredited from the internet – if this photo belongs to you please contact me as I would like to give credit for it).

Wow – things have so busy I didn’t even have time to write about the launch of my business.

It’s been wonderful meeting so many inspiring leaders in schools across Cumbria and I’m hugely positive about what we can achieve.

In these troubled times there are dark storm clouds and brilliant glimpses of sunshine.  Which will win through?  How will the weather resolve?

The brightest hope comes from Cumbria’s response to the potential of maths hubs funding.  It seems that everyone has stepped up to the mark and all things are possible as schools, universities, subject associations, businesses and support organisations are committed to working together.  We’ll have to see if we make it through the initial expression of interested and are invited to put in a full bid.

Meanwhile the policy thunderclouds loom, shooting out occasional bolts of lightening, the latest of which is the publication of the test frameworks for the new national curriculum.  So I won’t be on this website much as I’ll be spending what little free time I have trying to campaign against these new exams which will force all primary schools (be they free schools or academies) to teach the new national curriculum for mathematics in all it’s gory glory.  Wish me luck!

Meanwhile I’m afraid I need to turn of comments on this site as I’ve had over 300 spam comments in the last few days.  If you have a comment please do message me and I’ll gladly publish your comment.