Year 1 Training Complete – but channel not launched

This Thursday I published the final video in my series on teaching maths for year 1 teachers:

My plan had always been to launch my YouTube channel once this series was complete. Feedback on the videos had been excellent and my channel had picked up 400 regular subscribers and over 18,000 views with no press or promotion.

Completely understandably, teachers have had no interest in this type of training video since early March as they’ve struggled with closing schools (while keeping them open for the children of key workers – including over the holiday) and learning about online teaching.

So clearly it’s just not the right time to launch.

During the school closure I will do my best to continue to free share my training for teachers in this way because expert teachers (who can adapt and work around the limitations of pre-written schemes) will be of tremendous value because children’s learning will have been chaotic – causing problems for step-wise pre-written teaching schemes.

However I’m also now working on videos for the parents of the children who are not coping with the work coming home from their child’s primary school. More on this soon!

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