2022 Objectives

Over the years I’ve got into the habit of stopping to write aims for my work at the beginning of each year. This has been so chaotic that I found it startling and reassuring to find that I had tried to meet all my objectives set in January 2021, had managed to deliver most of them, and had even exceeded on some!

I talked about my objectives for 2022 in today’s livestream. Here they are in text.

At present, I’m earning my living by teaching and letting out my home when I’m not there. I am not seeking consultancy work – I just do a little as and when people ask. It’s key to state this because people assume that my activity on YouTube, Social Media and Linkedin is about self/business promotion. It isn’t. It’s just a passion from doing something I love and think improves peoples lives.

I am there to support other experts. I don’t care if they make lots of money (unusual in maths ed.) and I don’t make any. If anybody sees me as being a competitor or somebody they should be afraid of that’s a perception they should try to address. I’d love to help them to overcome their fears.

My specific objectives are as follows.

WRT Videos:

1. Continue to mentor great people and publish videos of interviews with them if that’s appropriate.

2. Continue to do ad hoc videos about maths education when this seems appropriate.

3. Continue to improve the livestreams.

4. Try to improve the livestreams (perhaps by multistreaming and using LinkedIn)

5. The big one. Start to globally coproduce the next generation of my videos.

Beyond Videos:

6. Rebrand my website and twitter account away from Authentic Maths to RebeccaTheMathsLady

7. Have another look at Instagram.

8. Continue to develop worksheets – including with Jeff Kutcher.

9. Continue to nurture my social media groups and attend maths ed. conferences (live in the UK and online globally).

10. Continue to explore the link between education and politics.

If you are doing something interesting in maths education you’d like to talk about and/or I might be able to help you with please do get in touch!

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