September 2017 Local and National News

I’ve been busy!

Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts recently.   I’ve been lucky enough to have work come my way without having to chase it so I’ve been concentrating on working rather than blogging and marketing.  I’ve been working with teachers and students in Cumbria but I’ve also been further afield running courses in the Liverpool area.

National News:

On 14th September the Government published important information about the future of primary assessment in England:

There are two essential pieces of information for maths.

  1. A tables test in year 4 will be extensively trialled in 2019 (for the current year 3) and will become statutory in 2020 (for the current year 2). This is going to present substantial challenges for many schools. I’m currently developing whole school INSET which is designed to help schools face this challenge head on.
  2. KS1 SATS are to become non-statutory in 2023 as the official baseline will become a new reception class baseline which will be trialled in 2019 and will become statutory in 2020.

More detail is in my summary of the report which is here.


I’ve been updating Authentic Maths courses to fit seamlessly with the training being provided by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).  All Authentic Maths courses securely teach the ‘Representation and Structure’ aspect of mathematics mastery.  They also help teachers develop their understanding of the other aspects of mastery in ways that complement what their schools are already doing in these areas.

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