Feature – Free from Jo Boaler

Jo Boaler PicJo Boaler is a top UK professor of mathematics education who currently works at Stanford University in the US.  She often returns to the UK and was very recently back to film for the ITV Tonight Show special on maths which will be shown this Thursday 30th October at 7:30pm.

She was featured in the Radio 4 series ‘The Educators’.  Her episode is available on iplayer here.

In 2013 Jo ran a free MOOC (mass open online course) for mathematics teachers which was completed by over 40,000 people.

Her current MOOC is available free here until 15th December 2014.  It takes just 6 hours to complete and explores some key ideas in school maths education.  It’s targeted at (and presented by) young adult learners of mathematics who’ve not been confident with GCSE standard maths, so most teachers will find it enjoyable, relaxing, fun and insightful. Why not register now and have a look?  It costs nothing to register and you’re not committed to completing the course.

Jo publishes lots of free resources for maths teachers on her youcubed.org website.  This site is well worth exploring as there are some great mathematical tasks to download on it.  Jo also publishes some of her papers on youcubed.org, the most recent of which is a direct attack on current UK policies on the rote learning of multiplication facts.  It contains lots of sound advice on how children should learn multiplication results.