Signing off from Voom.

For those who didn’t receive it, here’s a copy of my sign off message from the Virgin Voom competition.

If you missed the Border TV clip it’s here and if you missed the Mike Zeller interview it’s here at 0:50.

I feel the weight of the pain that children and teachers experience with the new primary maths curriculum and SATs.  Knowing that I have the answers they need but not being able to reach them is hard to bear.

There are various ways you may be able to help and I’d be tremendously grateful if you could take the time to read this final message.

Way to help Number 1: For people who know people in education.

I need to find other ways to make this work.  It can only be done if I can build a network of people who have tremendous experience (running cpd across different types of schools and different years) in maths education.  These people are disappearing fast as the structures which developed them are being shut down.

Please can you help me find them?  Everyone who works with me will need to have:
1. at least 10 years teaching experience across a variety of schools (either primary or bottom end heavy secondary maths).
2. been a successful school leader for maths education (primary numeracy co-ordinator or secondary head of maths).
3. a Masters level education qualification (not necessarily maths) and have engaged significantly with maths education research.
4. substantial experience of leading cpd.

Beyond that I will also be looking for people who could manage training across a substantial region.  As well as the above qualifications such people will also have:
5. A fluent knowledge of primary maths education research developed over many years.
6. Systemic leadership experience (e.g. being an LA advisor for a substantial period of time).

I need to identify everyone in the second category because there are so few people in this class and I want to work with, or carefully around so as not to interfere with the work of, every person who is.

Way to help Number 2: For people who have some spare cash.

I want to continue to pursue funding opportunities which will enable me to reach more teachers.  If you’ve some money to spare could you support me so I can do that please?  If you’re interested in supporting me in that way I would discuss with you precisely how I would spend your money.  For example £100 would buy me a train ticket to London on June 20th so I could go to the government briefing about support which is available for female entrepreneurs.

Way to help Number 3: For people who teach or know primary teachers in North Cumbria.

I’m desperate to get back to work.  While some people might feel I should be showing my gratitude for the many positive experiences participating in Virgin Voom has given me the reality is that I feel sad about the time I’ve been away from helping teachers.  Due to having cleared my diary to do this competition I now have availability in June on Mon 13th, Tues 14th, Tues 21st, Wed 22nd, Thurs 23rd and Mon 27th.  I’m offering any course half price – so just £125.  This makes me no profit but I’d just so much rather be working than not.  If your school can’t afford training even at that price then please get them to send me a letter detailing why because there are organisations out there which may be able to help but without your letter I can’t get you any help.

Way to help Number 4: For Cockermothians

If you’re local just please make me smile – or even better laugh – over the next few days.  And if you know anyone who could render my chimney cheaply please do tell me who! J xxx

Way to help Number 5: For people who watched the bid

Does anyone know who the judge on the right was?  She wanted help with her son with maths and I said she should get in touch but she’s probably too embarrassed to ask now I’m out the competition. I want to reassure her it’s still okay but I don’t know her name.

Thank you all so very, very much for your support.  It’s been truly overwhelming.  The Voom judges may not have been able to understand the bid but many truly inspiration people from the world of education and beyond did fully get it.  Thank you again.


07752 407153  @authenticmaths