Data Protection Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy:
Rebecca Hanson providing mathematics education services as Authentic Maths

Date Effective: 25th May 2018

I hold:

  1. Marketing information
    Contact details (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) of key contacts at primary schools and training providers who it would be appropriate for me to market to (headteachers, key administrators and/or numeracy coordinators). Where these names and email addresses are not in the public domain I keep a record of how I obtained them.
  2. Course Participant information
    I generally keep the names and schools of participants (where I have been provided with names) for two reasons. Firstly so that I can confirm their participation in courses should I ever be asked to confirms this for their professional development records. Secondly so that I can prove the volume of work I’ve been doing for my national accreditation by the NCETM) and other appropriate bodies.  If I hold the email address of a participant it is because their school has provided me with this information or (from May 2018) because I have their written consent to hold it. I also keep brief notes on services provided in schools I’ve worked in so that I can refresh my memory as to what we’ve previously done if/when I return to that school.
  1. Feedback forms
    I keep feedback forms so that I can learn from the feedback provided. This process can include comparing feedback provided in different years. I also keep these forms so that I can demonstrate the quality of the work I’m doing to key authorities.  If I do this in electronic form personal information will be anonymised.   If I do this in physical (hard copy) form those viewing the forms will not be allowed to keep copies of them.  I do not publish quotes from forms unless I have been given specific consent to do so.
  2. Information about children I work directly with
    Where I have parental permission I keep appropriate notes on the work I’ve done with children I tutor. I ensure these are deleted within 5 years of their last session.
  3. Emails
    It cannot be guaranteed that I have deleted emails people have sent me unless you specifically contact me with particular email addresses you’d like historical correspondence deleted from in which case this can be done.

Data back-up
Data may be backed up in the cloud and my therefore exist outside the EU for this purpose only.