Trainee Teachers

“I consulted Rebecca when I was struggling to meet the required targets for my Uni TDA tests. One session was enough for Rebecca to effortlessly use her skills to help everything ‘click’ into place. I use the methods she taught me in my teaching role now, and am grateful to Rebecca for her patience & help. It was amazing how one session changed my perception on the understanding of mathematics.”

Gemma Stewart


Authentic Maths provides one off sessions (in person or by Skype) for trainee teachers who are concerned about their numeracy as they prepare for the TDA Numeracy Test.
In the first half of your session we will work through the core visual models of calculation and proportion.  Then we will practice mental questions for your numeracy test and after you’ve tried each one we sketch out how to do it using those core visual models so that you get used to using them.
Finally we will go through a list of the vocabulary you will need to know for the written part of your test and we make sure you’re going to be comfortable and confident finishing you test preparation yourself.
“How will I remember what we’ve done?”
You’ll leave the session with a single double sided sheet which summarises what you’ve covered so you can refer back to it both as you finish your preparations for your test and also when you’re teaching.
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