How does my school become a partner school?

To become a partner school your school needs to complete the arithmetic proficiency course.  Partner school status lapses after a year if no in-school professional development has been carried out or booked.

What are the benefits of partner school status?

Partner schools have access to a wide range of professional development courses for teachers and teaching assistants.  Staff also have access to rapid response support.  Parents have priority access to services.

What’s rapid response support?

You can book a short (up to 10 min) chat with a tutor by phone or Skype.  We aim to provide these chats within 48 hours during term time. 

My school is not a partner school.  What can you offer me?

We can offer you a 90 minute session where we spend about 45 minutes working through the core visual models of primary arithmetic while chatting about good pedagogical practice and about 45 minutes talking about your background in maths, the current challenges you are facing and how best to move forward positively given these factors.  You will then have access to rapid response support for a year.

Do I need to travel?

No.  Sessions with partner schools are provided in your school.  Personal sessions can be provided by Skype.

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