Primary CPD

Expert Primary Maths Teaching:
1-day CPD available in Cumbria and Merseyside

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Course Information

Who are these courses for?

Classroom teachers and curriculum leaders in schools that want to do better than just following one particular teaching scheme, or who are working in non-standard situations where off-the-shelf schemes or East Asian Mastery teaching don’t work.

Are the courses just for mixed year teaching?

No. e.g. the year 3/4 course is suitable for year 3 teachers, year 4 teachers, mixed year 3/4 teachers and curriculum leaders. People who teach in non-standard situations attend too.

What’s new in 2019/20?

Fully curriculum-linked outline planning documents (term per page) that get to the heart of what you need to cover each half term. Single year and mixed year plans are available.

What are the training outcomes?

  • Know how to teach every concept on your part of the maths curriculum effectively and efficiently for mastery.
  • Understand the questioning and wider professional skills expert teachers use.
  • Define your own clear way forward for improving your maths teaching that builds from the strengths of what you already do.

How is this better than other mastery training?

This training understands the benefits and limitations of all popular successful approaches to primary maths teaching, including Singapore and Shanghai approaches, current national mastery training, Cuisenaire, Numicon, Montessori, Maths Makes Sense and other CVA and interactive visual approaches.  The trainer has also spent four years observing and sharing the insights of expert primary maths teachers who achieve stunning results despite often working in challenging, non-standard situations.

What will the training look like?

  • A hands-on workshop where you will be shown how to teach each maths concept on your part of the curriculum effectively for mastery, using the most efficient concrete, visual, abstract (CVA) and interactive visual approaches. 
  • Training on how expert teachers use advanced questioning techniques to ensure all children explain their thinking and bridge from their own methods to the methods being taught.
  • Analysis of the specific conceptual challenges children face in coping with your part of the curriculum, together with advice on how to identify and overcome these difficulties.
  • Discussion about effective lesson structures, problem solving, behaviour management, working with parents, SEN and more.
  • A chance to plan your way forward.
  • Small group size (max 12) to ensure the practical challenges each teacher is facing are fully addressed.
  • Training that builds from what you already know (no good practice is replaced), ensuring that any gaps in your pedagogical knowledge are identified and filled and that you are better able to explain and defend your existing good practice.

Who will deliver the training?

Rebecca Hanson, MA (Cantab.), Med, FRSA is leading expert in mathematics education who:

  • was previously a successful Secondary Head of Mathematics working in schools with many challenges and a lecturer in Mathematics Education at MMU and for the Open University.
  • has led national and international projects in mathematics education
  • leads primary mathematics training for primary teachers and teaching assistants (over 500 trained).
  • writes key articles and reports on mathematics education.
  • challenges poor education policy.
  • is accredited by the NCETM to provide training (since 2013).


We use a detailed lesson-by-lesson scheme that I want my teachers to stick to rigidly.  Is this the right training for my school?

Generally not.   However, if you want your key decision-makers for maths teaching to know the different options available to them so that they can make wise decisions about future strategy then this training would be suitable for them.

Should my teaching assistants come?

EYFS and KS1 teaching assistants find this training tremendously useful but usually only attend with the classroom teacher.  KS2 teaching assistants generally attend their own training unless they have a teaching responsibility which is comparable with that of a teacher.

Will my teachers really become excellent teachers with just one day’s training?

Many will.  Some (particularly those who have little relevant teaching experience and/or are only thinking about improving on given lesson plans for the first time) will make substantial progress but may feel they want to come back after a couple of years to fully absorb, understand and implement all the ideas presented in the training. Substantial discounts are offered to teachers who wish to attend a course as a ‘refresher’. Please contact Authentic Maths for details.

Is this suitable for NQTs?

Yes both NQTs and experienced teachers greatly enjoy these courses. An NQT may well need to attend a refresher course after a couple of years in order to fully embed all the ideas taught.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, everyone will be sent an invoice.

What if I need to cancel my place?

Full terms and conditions apply but please contact us and we will do our best to look after you.  Full refunds will always be given for cancellations with at least one month’s notice.

Is this training suitable for secondary teachers who want to deeply understand primary maths teaching?

Yes, they should attend the year 5/6 course.

A wide range of in-school CPD is also available. Please contact authentic maths for details.