KS2/3 Teaching Assistants

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KS2/3 Teaching Assistants Maths 1-day CPD

Outcomes of the training: 

  • TAs deeply understand the most effective ways to teach the year 3 & 4 curriculum to individuals and small groups who are struggling.
  • TAs understand the key misconceptions children may have from their EYFS and KS1 maths and know how to identify and fix them.
  • TAs know how to help children who are convinced they can’t do maths.
  • TAs are trained to use and are provided with key mathematical apparatus.
  • TAs are able to support lessons beyond year 3/4 standard more effectively.
  • Individual concerns and issues raised by TAs are addressed.

Benefits for schools:

Eradicate the worries and misconceptions many TAs have about maths.

Ensure TAs know how to help children understand their own thinking and link it to the methods being taught.

Ensure TAs are trained to overcome children’s fixed mindsets and behavioural issues in maths.

Ensure TAs are trained to use and are equipped with the apparatus they need (including place value counters, a 1-100 bead string and a game) to work effectively with individuals and small groups.

Ensure your TAs enjoy working with maths.

What the session will look like:

  • A hands-on workshop where you will be shown how to deeply understand and teach core maths concepts on the year 3&4 curriculum using the most efficient concrete, visual, abstract (CVA) approaches. 
  • Explanations of how to identify and fix problems children may bring from their EYFS and KS1 maths.
  • Advice on how to work with children with fixed mindsets, low self-esteem and/or very challenging behaviour.
  • Key tips on working with children with SEN.


Rebecca Hanson, MA (Cantab.), Med, FRSA is leading expert in mathematics education who:

  • was previously a successful Secondary Head of Mathematics working in schools with many challenges and a lecturer in Mathematics Education at MMU and for the Open University.
  • has led national and international projects in mathematics education
  • leads primary mathematics training for primary teachers and teaching assistants (over 500 trained).
  • writes key articles and reports on mathematics education.
  • challenges poor education policy.
  • is accredited by the NCETM to provide training (since 2013).



Who is this course suitable for?
KS2 and KS3 Teaching Assistants who are supporting learners who have gaps in their mathematics learning up to year 4 standard.

Will my TAs get a chance to ask questions about the particular challenges they are facing?


What’s in the resource pack Teaching Assistants get?

Their own 1-100 bead string, place value counters, some photocopiable worksheets and a game to play with students.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, everyone will be sent an invoice.

What if I need to cancel my place?

Full terms and conditions apply but please contact us and we will do our best to look after you.  Full refunds will always be given for cancellations with at least one month’s notice.