Authentic Maths Virgin VOOM Press Release

Authentic Maths Voom Bid May 2016FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
West Cumbrian Education Entrepreneur asks for public help.

As children take their SATs this week a busy Cockermouth lady who runs maths training for primary teachers has some precious time to think about the future.

Rebecca Hanson has been running courses in school non-stop since she launched her new maths training in January.  During SATs week no schools want training courses so Rebecca is planning how to expand her business so she can provide training for more schools. She entered Richard Branson’s Virgin Voom business video pitching competition.

Rebecca has asked for money to help her training more people to run her courses. You can help to make sure your local primary school has access to great maths training for its teachers by voting for her bid.  Watch the video of Rebecca’s ‘Authentic Maths’ bid and vote at

Voting closes on May 23rd 2016.  You need a Facebook or a LinkedIn account to vote.

About Rebecca Hanson :

Rebecca taught secondary maths in Cumbria and was the last Head of Mathematics at Ehenside School in Cleator Moor, helping to bring it out of special measures before it closed in 2008.  She then lectured in mathematics education at Manchester Metropolitan University, supervised PGCE students for the Open University and completed national mathematics education projects before retraining to lead primary maths professional development.  Rebecca is known for her high profile criticism of key aspects of current mathematics education policy and for her policy work on reforming Ofsted.  Authentic Maths provides primary mathematics professional development and is owned and run by Rebecca.


A photo from the video created for Rebecca’s Virgin Voom bid.