About Rebecca Hanson

About Rebecca Hanson

Rebecca Hanson taught secondary mathematics in three schools and was a successful head of department before she became a lecturer in education.  She taught trainee mathematics teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University before moving to the Open University to tutor, supervise and assess PGCE mathematics students.  She became accredited by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) as a Professional Development Leader for Primary Mathematics in 2013. Rebecca studied mathematics at Cambridge, has a PGCE from the University College of St. Martin in Lancaster and completed her Masters Degree in Education with the Open University. 

"About Rebecca Hanson, Authentic Maths."
Rebecca Hanson, Authentic Maths

Commissions Rebecca has completed as an independent mathematics education consultant include:                              

  • providing custom written INSET for primary schools
  • providing INSET for third parties
  • writing substantial components of schemes of interactive mathematics teaching materials
  • work as an associate of the NCETM including leading the writing of a microsite
  • helping trainee teachers prepare for their numeracy tests
  • providing individual sessions for parents to empower them to help their children
  • tuition for students including those struggling with severe issues in maths

On a voluntary basis, Rebecca has worked on positive policy development and has campaigned against specific aspects of national education policy reform.

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